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Fitted with 2 RFID UHF GEN2 chips

PEHD 100% recyclable

Single block structure with reinforced exposed parts

Maximum UV protection (index 8)

Exterior storage between -40°C and +70°C

Constant tare and size tolerance less than 2 mm

Strength: resistant to shock and most chemicals

Approved for food use without direct contact

Industrial pallet with completely closed tray

Pallet 4 gates

Anti-slip fork mechanism and platform rims


There are several reasons why manufacturing and food industries should reconsider their choice of pallets:

  • Constant research of lowering costs regarding pallet pooling

  • Increasing phytosanitary constraints especially in fresh foods

  • Research for optimising the logistics of flux packaging in RDC

  • Disadvantages of Euro Pallet pooling in the industry: conveyors, administrative, losses, etc.

  • Sharp decline in the quality of pallet pools linked to aging of pallets

  • Making the pallet intelligent and traceable to store or convey information

  • Unoptimized Euro Pallet pooling system and ultimately costly to the entire supply chain supermarkets, especially for carriers and distributors

PICK-AND-GO offers a sustainable and innovative alternative

The medium chosen is very suitable for industrial and distribution constraints. Strength, durability, lightness, the PICK-AND-GO plastic pallet optimizes logistics collection system, making the most effective and most virtuous model with rapid rotations. This is the design of the future!