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PICK-AND-GO in a nutshell:

  • Pallet pooling specialists for over 15 years

  • An innovative business model which combines the benefits of recycled plastic with lower cost per rotation compared to wooden pallets

  • Genuine quality of services recognized by the major players in the field of mass retail distribution in France and Benelux

  • The option to purchase pallets in order to complete our rental offer

Closed pool

You are a manufacturer looking to reduce pallet related costs on closed flows, for instance from production sites to wholly-owned logistics warehouses? You want the flexibility of renting and the benefits of our carriers?

Contact us: we can offer you solutions optimized both regarding carrier type and deconsolidated financing at lower costs than your current setup.

Open Pool

You are a manufacturer who ships products in an open network of Food or DIY/Materials mass retail distributors. Your constraints are no longer compatible with wood carriers. You wish to change carrier while maintaining your cost per rotation. You are skeptical of the ability of plastic to compete cost-effectively with wood.
Contact us: we can offer you cost-effective and value-added solutions for your products.

You are a manufacturer and a supporter of the Euro Pallet, which you believe to be particularly cost-effective.
Let’s meet: and study your current setup. You will be surprised by the solutions and rates that high quality plastic carriers can offer.

You are a distributor who receives large amounts of Euro Pallets from your suppliers which are costing you a lot in management, sorting and repairs… But you do not know of any reliable alternative system that could satisfy both your manufacturers and your own cost-reduction objectives.
Contact us: we are most likely the solution to your problem.