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All about the benefits of the PICK-AND-GO
pallet pooling services

The PICK-AND-GO promise, successfully kept since August 2010, is to offer, for the first time in Europe, a competing offer to wood pooling with 10% to 25% lower cost per rotation, and to come close to the total cost of pool-flat pallet.

This benefit in terms of costs comes with a whole set of qualitative benefits which are detailed below and relate to improving handling conditions, ensuring better hygiene and food-safety, introducing traceability, reducing environmental impact, and adding a new social dimension with the procurement of the recycled materials used to produce the pallets.


Weight varies depending on humidity levels

Production of CO2 during destruction


Washing is difficult and generates hygiene problems

Issues with smells and mould

Risk of contamination with the introduction of foreign matter during production

Contamination with pesticides used to treat the wood

Presence of nails and splinters

Frequent and costly maintenance

No traceability

Wood contaminated by Pinewood Nematode

Compulsory IMP 15 standard

Risk of accidents


Lightweightness of the carrier

Constant and reduced weight

Use of recycled and recyclable plastic

Reduction of the Carbon footprint

Ease of washing

Approved for use with food products without direct contact

No risk of introduction of foreign matter in the production process

No nails or splinters

No risk of rust

Reduction of breakage rate

RFID tracking possible

Reduction, and even suppression of sorting and repairs

Standard formats compatible with wood formats

Key benefits of the plastic pallet EUROGREEN 800/1200 PICK-AND-GO

  • Un-rivaled resistance in racks and to impact

  • On average 8 kg lighter, with no sensitivity to humidity

  • Produced using recycled materials and 100% recyclable

  • Each pallet is RFID UHF GEN 2 enabled

  • Guarantees better hygiene: fully washable

  • Improved image of products being presented

  • Reduced environmental impact, certified heavy metal-free view the certificate )