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PICK-AND-GO: Procurement management of pallets
made from recycled and recyclable plastic.

Located in Labège, near Toulouse, PICK-AND-GO is the first and only pooler (renter and/or manager) to have based its business model on a 5-year view of the pooling business with an alternative solution to wood pallets whose breakage rate is driving its cost increasingly higher.

PICK-AND-GO offers recycled PEHD plastic pallet pooling services to the whole of the Supply Chain. These are particularly well-suited to the agri-food industry and its hypermarket and supermarket customers.

The PICK-AND-GO approach:
Leverage experience to rethink the product as part of a disruptive model

L'équipe Pick and Go

PICK-AND-GO benefits from the experience of Olivier Pages, former assistant CEO of the LPR Group – La Palette Rouge. Together with his team, he has over 25 years of experience and many industrial and hyper/supermarket references who use his products. These pallets, designed specifically for pooling, compete effectively with wood pallet rental/management systems.

Rethink the classic business model:
Optimise the cost-structure of pallet rotation with upgraded carriers:

  • Reduce non-value added costs:
    - Pallet sorting and repairs
    - Optimise logistics flows

  • Improve traceability of pallets by introducing RFID

  • Improve the rotation rate of assets in comparison with their wood equivalent

  • Reduce the environmental impact of rotation


By completely rethinking pallets as carriers, by switching from wood to recycled plastic and
ensuring both cost control through rotation and a new sustainable view both social and environmental, in particular: